Zorana Minčić

... radio and TV presenter, freelance artist, yoga instructor, creator of her own perspective, and eternal enthusiast.

She acquired the basics of the journalistic craft at Radio B92 for a full 17 years from 1996, followed by engagements at Naxi Radio and Radio Laguna, where she edited and hosted the most popular city morning programs, as well as at N1, the CNN's affiliate from Serbia.

She dedicates herself to PR campaigns, being the representative face & voice of events and festivals such as Museum Night, Science Festival, Researchers' Night, Supernatural, conference MC and hosts the Fair Chronicles of the Belgrade Fair. Also, she moderates panels and discussions dedicated to culture and media within the European Week of Opportunities.

As a professional voice talent, she highlights numerous successful projects in categories such as radio and TV commercials, jingles, narration for promotional videos or corporate films, synchronizations, and roles in animated films.

Genetically implanted love for acting nurtured and honed in the Youth Drama Group of Radio Belgrade, puts her into minor acting roles. She studied the Faculty of Dramatic Arts - Theater and Radio Production and Cultural Management, but it wasn't quite her thing..

Her natural curiosity and broad view of the world found refuge and inspiration in the studies of Ethnology and Anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy, but it wasn't her thing either.

Finally, Zorana found her thing in 2010, when she became the Hatha Yoga instructor. Since then, Zorana joyfully and gratefully teaches yoga without dogma and helps people live healthier and higher-quality lives. Since yoga is increasingly recognized by conventional medicine, Zorana collaborates with sports and wellness brands through advertising campaigns, as well as various magazines with her authored articles. She is the author of the original guerillayoga concept, within which she performs yoga on city streets and public spaces.

Zorana believes that there are no unsolvable problems; new challenges stimulate her, and communication with different people inspires her. She is resilient, fast-thinking, cheerful, tolerant, independent but also a good team player, communicative, and charming, brave, and intuitive. People say she captivates with her natural attitude and curiosity. But above all that, she is an experienced professional. That's why she is a great asset to the Solving Communications' team.

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She recorded over 100 radio and TV commercials and jingles.
Voice Talent
28 years

Zorana Minčić



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