Team Building

Team building "Business Theater": How to improve your team.
Solving Communications introducing an advanced Team Building concept: "Business Theater".

Team Building Theater

The Team Building concept of ‘Business Theater’ is designed to enable the creation of an excellent dramatic performance within a set time frame by following the instructions of an instructor (Boris Djuric) who is a certified theater producer and communicologist. It is structured so that it can be successfully performed both outdoors and indoors as needed. This concept is suitable for both small and large groups, whether it’s a monodrama or a larger dramatic setup with more roles.

In “Business Theater,” besides team and individual competitions, the following skills are practiced:
a) Public speaking
b) Creative writing
c) Active listening
d) Decision making under pressure
e) Quick thinking and improvisation
f) Teamwork
g) Leadership and taking responsibility
h) Meeting deadlines
i) “Outside-The-Box” thinking for problem-solving



If you share our opinion that this unique ‘Business Theater’ Team Building concept is suitable for your team, contact us for consultations or send an inquiry with the number of participants.