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Do you need a complete corporate event solution?

Solving Communications, using an innovative visually-scenic approach, organizes all types of events. We offer complete solutions for corporate events, from idea to realization.

Each event requires a careful and unique strategy, because its goals are specific. No two events are the same, thus an individualistic approach is key. Solving Communications offers key solutions, supported by modern scene equipment, and applied by a professional team with decades of experience. With us, your event’s attendees are certain to get a good impression.

We have a unique experience in combining audio, video, and theatrical productions in the realization of corporate events.

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What are the corporate events stages?


Goals of an event are precisely defined in accordance to a client’s wishes and preferences.


The event budget is settled upon, and adjusted accordingly.

Design and Conceptualization

The ideal concept of the event is developed and a detailed 3D visualization is made.


In this phase subcontractors and event space are booked,  the event schedule is created, and the logistics is coordinated.


The event program is being led by the Event Director and/or Stage Manager, who make sure that the timing is right for every planned element.


The very end of the event, which may include an afterparty, while dismantling and cleaning is in process.

These phases can vary depending on the type of the event, but most of the time they make up the elementary framework of organizing corporate events.


Why Solving Communications?

1. Years of Experience
2. Outside-the-Box Approach
3. Innovative Solutions
4. The Best Cost/Benefit Ratio

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